Mountain Biking Fundamentals


Whether you are new to mountain biking or looking to make your riding smoother, this clinic will give you all the skills you need. We work in a safe, controlled environment and focus on building confidence while learning fundamental skills. This clinic will run for two days, with three hours each day. Throughout this course we will cover all the fundamentals such as bike balance, gearing, shifting, braking, climbing, descending, cornering and wheel lifts.

Mountain Biking Progressions

Rider Level: Intermediate to advanced

Prerequisite: Recommended to have completed Fundamentals clinic.

This two day course takes all the fundamentals and puts them to work to help you tackle obstacles and structures such as bridges and skinnies, step ups, roll downs, track stands, and pressure control dynamics.

Tune Up Sessions

Rider Level: Any and all

Time: 2 hours

These tune-up sessions are perfect for mountain bikers that want to work on a specific skill to improve their riding. Each session will focus on one skill from the Fundamentals or Progressions programs and give you the opportunity to practice and perfect a specific technique.

  • Bridges and skinnies
  • Cornering and switchbacks
  • Wheel lifts
  • Technical climbing and step-ups
  • Roll downs and descending

Please visit our registration page for the next scheduled session. If you are unable to attend the dates scheduled, you are welcome to get a group of riders together and set up dates that work for you. All clinics are held in Nanaimo, BC.

Private Sessions

$40 hour/single person

Private sessions are available to help mountain bikers progress at their own speed on a flexible schedule that suits the rider’s needs. You can book as an individual for one on one instruction or as a private group. Please feel free to call for more information or about private group rates.